Adaptive Abigail Waist Design Dress

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The Adaptive Waist Design Dress showcases an innovative waist-contouring feature, embodying both style and versatility. The dress is ingeniously designed to provide a customizable fit that flatters your figure while offering a fashionable look. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with this remarkable piece.

The bodice boasts a gently curved hem that gracefully rests below the natural waistline, while the skirt elegantly glides over the hips, cascading into a delightful, airy finish.

Ideal for romantic evenings, chic dinner outings, festive gatherings with friends, sophisticated functions, and special events.

With its cupped and lined construction, no additional bra is needed for a seamless look and comfortable wear.

Made from Lame fabric. Fully lined bust.
Stretch Factor: 1/3

Dress Length: Approx 159cm
Materials: Lace, Satin Georgette, Power Mesh
Hand Wash at 30 Degrees
Model is 5 ft 8 and wears size S
Size Chart: ( Inches )

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